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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Basio Diem ~Kiss the Day~

Basio Diem, Latin for 'kiss the day' is my motto in facing uncertain times. As a generation, we collectively stand upon the threshold of an unknown world, which awaits our unified intention in order for the wave function to collapse into being the particulate of this present moment. Us humans have to start understanding that we can no longer contaminate what we are, we can no longer taint our pure consciousness with fossil fuel thinking, emotional pollution, energetic pollution, & polluted ideas passed down over centuries that no longer serve us. We are the fresh drink of life that this world has been desperate and longing for, but do we have the ability, nay the determination to change an old paradigm, that nature is here to serve us, and that we are the owners of the planet? Biblical scholars will tell you that the concept of "humans were given dominion" over the planet is misleading. "Dominion" is meant as more of a caretaker position, & really means that we are here to serve other creatures & the Earth itself into their highest good. When do we realize that we are part of the 6.8 billion human jigsaw puzzle piece set of each other's joy, where everyone fits together when we're not trying to emulate the same mold? You are unique, & in a world of infinite possibilities, why would we ever keep making the same predictable outcome choices?

It begins now as a seed planted in your heart-mind, grows into a grassroots movement within you, & becomes a living Lovevolution as your very life. We are learning, as a global culture (f.y.i. culture means: people who care for their environment), as terrestrial creatures how WE CAN reshape reality according to our most beautiful visions & dreams.  Once we disengage the observer, a.ka. the auto-pilot-personality programing of the patriarchy, everything turns into innumerable spheres of potential, because WE ARE the song of the spheres, literally!  In the non-observer frame of reference, one moment is an endless variety of outcomes, or an infinity of choices, that are in a state of suspended animation, waiting to exist in every possible form; & yet we can choose any of those spheres to collapse into our manifested world of new beginnings.  The same is true of our work life, our finances, our relationships, our interactions with each other and other species on this planet. All we have to do is recalibrate, re-attune, so that the vibrational frequency that we are in right now, can be tuned UP.  Fine-tuning is expressed in your ability to envision the most beautiful possible version of yourself & then have the courage to enact that upon this world so as to be the dream you seek.

We have not only an awesome opportunity, we have a rare responsibility, and that is to be able to respond to our current conditions, which are saying to us in no uncertain terms, now is the time for YOU to rise into your fullness! Each heart has to understand, there is no one being who contributes more than any one being, we must all be poised to fulfill our life's purpose if we are to succeed together. We all contribute in equal portions but in unique ways to the whole outcome of the equation of our reality. The environment, the social scene, even the economy, are all reflections of our collective internal state of equilibrium.  It's time for a new value system in which, the highest priority is creating a world where each individual can self-actualize in the way that is best & healthiest for them. Everyone is invited to this table of turning our lives into living masterpieces.  Each breath is OUR opportunity to re-write the existence WE are co-authoring now.  We are tilling the field of tomorrow in our conversations today, so no more small talking ourselves into being small.  Let's just agree that the future is going to be the most enchanted version of existence that we can cocreate. Basio Diem!

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